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Dr. Bonnie D. Wright, DVM, DACVAA

Veterinary Anesthesiologist — Integrative Pain Management Specialist — Teacher

Dr. Bonnie D. Wright

Veterinary Anesthesiologist – Integrative Pain Management Specialist – Teacher

Dr. Bonnie D. Wright, DVM, DACVAA

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine — Diplomate American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia

Dr. Bonnie Wright

Based on Colorado’s Front Range, Mistral Vet founder Dr. Bonnie D. Wright is a veterinary anesthesiologist and pain specialist who teaches and practices the art of helping patients and families transition through all aspects of veterinary anesthesia and integrative pain management. Her specialties include veterinary anesthesia, pain management, and teaching.

Integrative Veterinary Pain Specialist

As an integrative veterinary pain specialist, Dr. Wright uses a combination of physical medicine and pharmacology to meet the needs of individual patients and their families. Her approach involves acupuncture, exercise, medications, and supplements to provide the most comprehensive means of maintaining quality of life and interactive time. In her teaching, she emphasizes gentle, thoughtful forms of medical inquiry and intervention that respect patients while seeking to alleviate pain.


Dr. Wright attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque before attaining her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. After working for 2 years as a post-doctoral instructor at CSU and in private practice, she completed a residency in anesthesiology and critical patient care at University of California, Davis. Since 2000, Dr. Wright has been board certified in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia by the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia.

In addition to these academic credentials, Dr. Wright has also developed a wide repertoire of tools that enhance her practice. She holds a certificate in musculoskeletal ultrasound and is also a certified veterinary medical acupuncturist, an IVAPM-certified veterinary pain practitioner, and a certified canine rehabilitation practitioner.


Dr. Wright’s veterinary teaching positions have taken her across the state of Colorado, to many other states, and to locations around the globe, including St. Kitts, New Zealand, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Japan. While teaching remains one of Dr. Wright’s passions, she also works with two Colorado-based veterinary clinics. At the Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital, her role spans emergency medicine, anesthesia teaching, pain medicine, and community support. When she is in the office at Animal ER Care in Colorado Springs, Dr. Wright focuses her efforts on provide musculo-skeletal ultrasound and regenerative medicine consultations. She is also available to local clinics in either locations.


Professional service and volunteerism have also been a meaningful part of Dr. Wright’s career. She currently serves on the board of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Managementand is a past-president. Dr. Wright is honored to serve on the Global Pain Council of the World Small Animal Veterinary Associationand was a contributor to the organization’s Global Pain Treatise.

Dr. Wright currently volunteers at the Denver Zoo, where she offers services in the areas of anesthesia, pain consultations, and acupuncture. She is also the examination committee group leader for the American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia.



Dr. Wright’s love of horses and other animals has inspired her career in veterinary medicine from its beginnings. She and her life partner have four dogs that are lively adventure companions. In addition to her love for islands, including Hawaii, Dr. Wright enjoys Colorado’s opportunities for hiking, running, cycling, and skiing.